The spiritual sacrifices (Seva) for public welfare

  • Yagna is one of the Vedic traditions of utmost importance in Indian culture. All incarnations of Bhagawan have affirmed importance of Yagna in human life in one or other way. Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan have re-established this ancient tradition in society in His unique way. Sadguru Shastriji Maharaj also continued this tradition anew. In fact, the Yagna is the undivided part of Gurukul tradition.
  • Many Yajnas (Spiritual Offerings) are conducted on a regular basis. Students take part in various spiritual camps, celebrate national and religious festivals and by themselves organize various functions. Such tasks strengthen their spiritual consciousness and make them better citizens of tomorrow.
  • The following Yagnas are available to perform at SGVP on Yajman Basis with various purposes and benefits as mentioned below :
    1. Shree Maha Ganapati Atharvashirsh Hom
      • Purpose – Overcoming obstacles in work and for special achievements.
    2. Navagraha Yagna
      • Purpose- Overcoming planetary obstacles and achievement of auspicious results.
    3. Shree Mahavishnu Yag
      • Purpose – Obtaining blessings of almighty lord Shree Vishnu.
    4. Shree Sukta Hom
      • Purpose - For prosperity, economic stability and also overcoming poverty.
    5. Shree Purushsukhta Hom
      • Purpose – For peace, prosperity and pious blessings of Shree Purushottam Narayana.
    6. Shree Maha Sudarshan Yagna :-
      • Purpose – For protection from negative and evil elements.
    7. Navachangi Yagna :-
      • Purpose – Prosperity, divine, positive vibrations and overcoming from all obstacles related to some unknown powers.
    8. Shree Rudra Yag :-
      • Purpose – Liberty from all kinds of bad deeds and to delight lord Mahadev.
    9. Shree Maha Mrutunjay Hom :-
      • Purpose – For long life, longevity, healthy and protection from accidental death.
    10. Ayushya Vriddhi Hom :-
      • Purpose – Performed on birthday for healthy and long life.
    11. Hanumat Yagna :-
      • Purpose – For obtaining divine power, freedom from cowardice and overcoming any kind of obstacles.
    12. Janamangal Purashcharan Yagna :-
      • Purpose – For obtaining the divine blessings of lord Shree Swaminarayan and to become delightful.