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Divine Language Sanskrit

The supreme ideology, as expressed in the Upanishads, exposes the highest possibility of perfection in human thinking, in the scientific as well as religious way. The Vedas as well as Sanskrit language are interwoven in the very fabric of Hindu Religion. The Vedas, Upanishads, Epics and Puranas, which are in Sanskrit language, are not limited to philosophy and religion alone, but have within them very many subtle and hidden references of modern sciences too. The Atharvaveda, the ancient Sanskrit literary piece, consists of a lot many references of Mathematics, Chemistry, Botany, Metallurgy, Astronomy and the Ayurveda. Charaka and Sushruta, in their Scriptures on Ayurveda, deal with several diseases and their remedies, including surgery as well as plastic surgery too. During ancient times though the main focus was on Religion and Philosophy(Darshan), yet the achievements in other fields related to life activities were no less by any means.

 The Sanskrit language is considered by the ignorant as a dead language, which in reality is not true. It has got a lot in itself to offer to the modern world. Each and every ‘Akshara” (alphabet) of this language has a science behind it. The very existence of the Sanskrit language, when compared in its ancient galore, with other languages like Hebrew and Aramaic, that are no more in existence show the superiority of the Sanskrit Language and the omnipotent reason for its existence. The purity of the language too has been maintained, right from the Vedic times till this day. The Sanskrit language, with its ancient galore, vast literary compositions, perfect grammatical structures and other linguistic and philosophical aspects, has established supremacy over other languages. 

The linguists of the computer world too have started looking afresh towards this language and its unique and perfect grammar, which may, in the future be universally accepted for its uniqueness; and would become computer friendly in the areas of Programming, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. 

The huge treasure of Sanskrit Literature, encompassing in itself a variety of stories and mythological legends, has always played a vital role in inculcating values for character building, positive thinking, patriotism, perseverence, selflessness, etc. in the young minds. Today the world has turned towards the wisdom propounded by the ancient sages of the Vedic times. It has started appreciating and understanding the convergence of the Vedic Ideology with Modern Science. 

The unfathomable literary wealth of the Sanskrit Language, interwoven in the culture and heritage of the Sanatana Dharma, dazzles us. Therefore it becomes our prime responsibility to pass down this rich wealth of the Sanskrit literature blended with the ancient culture, to the next generation so as to enrich them in all spheres of life and believing in this responsibility the saints of SGVP Gurukul are managing this institute as their return service to the nation.