• Books are not only source of education but also a huge resource for inspiration.
  • Being a traditional school and also aspiring to become a research center in coming year a fully furnished and facilitative library with more than 6,000/- books is established in Darshanam.
  • Also the students have an access to two other libraries in the campus co-located at SGVP International school building and Sahajanandam (The spiritual Centre) building.
  • A blend of Ancient text along with modern inspirational words are available in a variable range.
  • Very soon to achieve high standards of knowledge attainment DSM is planning to transform the current library facility into E-Library for global access.
  • All the leading newspapers in Three languages along with innumerous magazines on various subjects are subscribed and are available for students.
  • Students can also suggest their own requirement and the facility is provided by the library after discretional process.
  • Accounts of each and every member of the school community are maintained.
  • Special periods are allotted during school hours for library visit and book reading.