Science Lab:

  • Science subjects are provided to students of 9th and 10th grades. The school has almost all the necessary equipments which are required at this level.
  • The science educators decide as to the requirement and can initiate a proposal for purchase of any new equipment.
  • The time table provides for two practical sessions in a month. However according to the needs the time table can be adjusted.
  • The students can also access the state-of-the-art individual chemistry, biology and physics laboratories in the international school if the requirement arises. However such a visit is possible only with prior permission of reporting authorities.
  • School participates in inter school science competitions for which students are allowed to prepare project work.
  • Students can make related purchases for which they only will bear the expenses and also show the purchasing and their utilization.

Language Lab:

  • Sanskrit Language being the prime importance and requirement of the fast changing competitive world, various initiatives for enhancing the communication skills are adopted from time to time.
  • It is adorned with language based pictures, charts, models and various language based games which help in developing the creative level of the students up to the maximum potential.

In future the school is also planning to develop this portion and make the arrangements for audio visual supplements in the lab.