Infrastructure (School & Hostel Building)

  • A state of art recently built school building compling to the requirement of inspirational educational requirement is available at the students disposal.
  • The school building has required amout of classes, offices, labs with conference hall, assembly hall, library and other academic supplimentary requirements.
  • The design of the school is as per the norms suggested and prescribed by the governing bodies of educatin dept.
  • The hostel facility is very much available in the campus.
  • One room is shared by four students and sometimes six students depending on the need of the hour.
  • All the rooms are well ventilated and the cleanliness of these rooms is maintained by the rectors appointed by the management.
  • The students of the school are 100% male and are 100% residential students. So all the students live in the hostel only.
  • Students are provided with personal cupboards with keys and locks and bedding materials for which they alone stand responsible.
  • The financial assistance and bank facility is made available through the rectors. However the students are supposed to specify the reason before spending any amount of money.
  • Students are allowed to call at their homes or any other place at fixed timings once in a week. Mobiles or any other communication is prohibited.
  • Laundry facility is also available for which the students are suppose to pay on their own.
  • Well facilitated washrooms are co-located in the hostel to maintain the hygienic levels of the students. Students are provided with hot water and other toiletries as and when needed.
  • The hostel building consist of a separate study room which ensures problem free study hours.
  • All hostel rooms are interconnected with audio conferencing system enabling smooth flow of the directions as provided by the rectors.