Ved & Jyotish


Darshanam Sanskrit Sansthan is inclusive of Ved department which is devoted for the preservation and conservation of oral recitation tradition of Vedic Studies. Students are required to study 7 years course prepared after research and recognised by Maharshi Sandipani Rashtriya Ved Vidya Pratishthanam, Human Resource Development Ministry, Indian Government. Students who successfully complete the course are honoured with the titles Ved Bhushan and Ved Vibhushan.


India is believed to be the origin point where various faculties of studies had evolved. With passage of time the knowledge remained limited to the manuscripts and could not find its position in modern education. With a purpose of re originating the ancient wisdom Darshanam has involved in it Jyotish Shastra studies. It includes a study of comprehensive subjects such as Kundali, Vedic Maths, Numerology, Hast-Rekha, Shastra, Samudrik Shastra and ancient astronomy science.