Tour & picnic

Every year Darshanam Sanskrit Sansthan arranges the Educational or Spiritual tours for Rishikumaras.  Tours or Picnics should be divided into two parts- (1) For Senior Rishikumaras and (2) For Junior Rishikumaras.

Senior tour is mostly arranged for 11th and upper standards. These tours are for North or South India. Manali, Simla, Rishikesh, Badri-Kedar, Himachal, Prayag, Delhi, Agra, Ayodhya, Vrindavan, Puskar, Mahabaleshwar, Ujjain, Rameshwar, Tirupati and the most popular places all over India are covered in two or three years.

Junior tour is arranged for 6th to 10th students. Vadtal, Gadhda, Sarangpur, Dholera, Junagadh, Somnath, Dwarka, Piplana, Loj and other places of Gujarat State will be covered in these tours.

Rishikumaras get the knowledge during the tour from saints, educators and rectors. Rishikumaras maintains Tour Diary.