Admission process

Darshanam Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya follows a pattern in providing admission to new students every year. The normal admission process comprises a written tests, student-parents interviews and communication at discreet level. The advertisement for admission are published and students are invited to send their applications.

The procedure comprises of following steps :

  1. In the month of January-February advertisement for new admissions is published in leading, local news papers.
  2. Till a certain date applications are invited for admission.
  3. Short listing of applications take place and a date is decided for entrance test in the month of March.
  4. Sometimes this entrance test procedure is extended for two or three rounds depending upon the no. of short listed applications.
  5. Students appear in the entrance examinations during the month of March.
  6. Entrance examination papers are designed by the educators only under the guidance of principal.
  7. Special stress is laid upon language skills and general knowledge ability. However Math and Science subjects are also given due importance for this process.
  8. A cutoff mark is decided and those who clear entrance exam by obtaining these cutoff marks are called for admission through an offer letter.
  9. The class size is confined to 26 students per class. Therefore the admission is strictly provided on the merit basis.
  10. Previous school’s results are also criteria on the basis of which the decision for admission is taken.
  11. The offer letter includes all the details as to what the students will bring with themselves when joining the school and what will be provided to them from the school.
  12. This letter also includes certain basic rules which the students will have to follow during their stay in the school. It also consists of the rules for parents regarding their visits, telephonic conversations etc with the students.
  13. If any student is found to be not following the rules and regulations of the institution he can be expelled after prior notice. The parents are informed and are supposed to handle the process.
  14. It is desired that once a student enters the institution in 8th grade, he should not move from the institution till completing his post graduation. However the students at their will are free to move in the midst of the stipulated time.
  15. Students will be taught contemporary subjects up to 10th grade. After that they will pursue their education in Sanskrit stream only.
  16. Students will however provided computer as well as English language skills for better development and carrier enhancement chances.
  17. Other related fields of Sanskrit language will also be included in the curriculum.
  18. This is a progressive school so each year up-gradation will be provided strictly on the basis of examinations taken round the year.
  19. Being a residential school it is expected that students will stay here all the time except one summer break and two short term festival breaks. However in case of medical emergency, students are allowed to go to their homes.
  20. If any particular student does not obey the rules and regulations of the institution as provided at the time of admission then he becomes liable of expulsion in mid term also. However the removal process is all inclusive of student, educators, principal, management as well as parents.
  21. In case Leaving Certificate is to be issued during mid-term ,the institution does not take any responsibility for his admission elsewhere.
  22. If a student moves out on his own wish he will be provided with the leaving certificate on an application and a bona fide certificate can be obtained only after specifying the reason.
  23. During the time of admission the Vision, Mission and Beliefs as well as the purpose of this non contemporary institution is clearly communicated to the parents as well as aspiring students.
  24. When the agreement of parents over the above said purposes and the desires of the institution is received the students are granted admission.

* Admission Form is available on Website.