Sports: (The best tonic for health)

  • The top management of the SGVP believes in the overall development of the students which includes the physical aspects of the body. Keeping this point in mind the campus consists of picturesque playgrounds, tennis court, volleyball court, swimming pool, skating ring, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho grounds, as well as a multi facilitated gymnasium for the students. Other than this horse riding, martial arts such as karate, kick boxing etc. are included in the curriculum.
  • Every year The Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval organizes Youth Festival (Yuvak Mahotsav). The Rishikumaras are participating in all sports activities like Indoor Games, Outdoors games, Quiz, Musical performances, Art & Craft activities. The Rishikumaras are securing Gold, Silver & Bronze medals every year.
  • Students have a common access to the playgrounds during playing hours at evening 5.00 to 6.00. Other than this, the students have a go to playgrounds in school hours also under the observation of the activity coaches.
  • Students have swimming hours as per their fixed periods.
  • The staff members also have the access to the swimming pool and gymnasium after some simple procedures.
  • Horse riding, karate, skating etc. facilities are provided electives, where-in the students are supposed to select any two activities of their choice.
  • Separate coaches’ faculty members are appointed to horn the skills of the students in various sports.
  • The sports equipment’s are under the surveillance of the school monitors who can provide to the needed students as per the schedule.