Co-curricular Activity

Gita Chanting


With a sole purpose instilling spiritual values of ancient Indian scriptures Gita Chanting competitions

is held every year at Darshanam.

Gita Chanting competitions are held at Chinmaya Mission, Ahmedabad. In this competition the

candidate should recitate the shlokas from the selected cantos (Adhyaya). 

The competiton mainly focuces on PRESENTING MANNER, MEMORY POWER and CLARITY.

The motto of this competition is to propagate the divine words of God



* Darshanam Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya wholely participates in Gita Chanting Competitions every year.

* Every year the students are awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in these competitions.

* The competiton is conducted at school level, district level, state level and national level.


Study of Ramayana and Mahabharata


With a view to get a thorough insite in India's epic and cultural symbols a Study of

Ramayana and Mahabharata is undertaken and an exam is conducted every year.


* Students have to study the epics and go through the exams to clear the decided levels.

* Every year all the students participate and prepare for the Sringeri Exams

   and in the process get acquainted with our traditional scriptures.

* The students are awarded with certificates for each level they clear.


Sanskrit Gaurav Pariksha


It is based on the basic grammer of Sanskrit Literature.

Sanrkrit Garurav Pariksha is taken by Sanskrit Bharti a registered all India organisation.


It is an association and coordinating institution of all Sanskrit loving organizations.

The central office is in New Delhi. Main purpose is developing speaking skills

and education in Sanskrit Medium.

Another major purpose is to make all kind of efforts for development of Sanskrit language

and making it a normal language for communication.

To eradicate the differences of cast, race, sect, language etc. and bring on social


So far Sanskrit Bharti has benefited more than 60 thousand people across India,

has published more than 100 books   and also organised various demonstrative programs



A very easy was with innovative approach to learn Sanskrit. America, England and still

more countries are adopting Sanskrit Bharti programs for learning Sanskrit.

Gaurav Pariksha is taken continuously with exceptional results since last five years

at Darshanam Centre and more than 900 students have benefited for it.